What's Vovio?

What's Vovio?


Vovio is a new blogging platform developed by Joe Crescenzi

That's the short answer.

The longer answer is that Vovio is the common foundation for a whole bunch of websites in a variety of subjects. While Vovio is in it's early stages, the only person posting on the Vovio Network is Joe Crescenzi, but soon the platform will be open for other people to post.

As new sites roll out, a single Vovio account will give you access to posting on every site in the Vovio network of sites.

The first major site to roll out is IdeaOfTheDay.Com... a blog that features one new idea each day.

Joe Crescenzi is the developer of CouponPages.Com, a popular site for printing local coupons

, Founder

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