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Author: Joe Crescenzi
Title: Founder
Location: Staten Island, NY
Website: http://CouponPages.Com

I'm a developer and the founder of CouponPages, CouponMail, and the Vovio Network of sites, including IdeaOfTheDay.Com

I've had just about every kind of computer since the 70s.

You can find me online at:






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Here's how to allow Joe to start a remote support or training session.

1. First, speak to me directly and I'll create a remote session #.

2. When instructed, use the following link, and enter the number I that I will give you verbally.

Click Here for Vovio Support using TeamViewer /

3. After following the link, follow my instructions instructions to allow me to start the session. Be sure you only use this feature when you are talking directly to me on the phone.

Do not accept any solicitations via email or any other way. This is intended to be used while speaking to me directly on the phone.

Here's the online backup service I recommend: iDrive O... [More]

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What's Vovio?


Vovio is a new blogging platform developed by Joe Crescenzi

That's the short answer.

The longer answer is that Vovio is the common foundation for a whole bunch of websites in a variety of subjects. While Vovio is in it's early stages, the only person posting on the Vovio Network is Joe Crescenzi, but soon the platform will be open for other people to post.

As new sites roll out, a single Vovio account will give you access to posting on every site in the Vovio network of sites.

The first major site to roll out is IdeaOfTheDay.Com... a blog that features one new idea each day.

Joe Crescenzi is the developer of CouponPages.Com, a popular site for printing local coupons

LARGE-73 Right now, this site is a worthless pile of crap. It's also the most amazing pile of crap I've ever developed.

That's because my goal wasn't to create a great site, but to create the kind of tools I need to build great sites. I have always a tendency to reinvent the wheel, and Vovio is the wheel the way I want it.

I said to myself, why should I write my own blogging software when WordPress and Blogger are free, and they have a thousand more features, and there's literally over a million plugins out there to make it even better.

I was one of the first people to develop workable web based BBS software over 15 years ago, in fact I wrote 4 completely different platforms back in the 90s that were pretty slick for that time. I didn't market them, but I used them for a few sites and... [More]

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A typical review from the archives...

Vovio is still in beta test right now, so there aren't any active blogs running except this and a couple of test sites. One of my goals for the Vovio Network is to create blogs featuring reviews and tips. So today's post is just a test of one of our core features, which is linking to a youtube video, by just using the URL itself.

As such, the video will be the focus, so the YouTube Thumbnail will become the icon. Sounds simple enough, but does it work? Let's see what happens when I use a long form URL, which has the list attached. Will it filter out the noise, and find just the important part? I hope so.

This particular video is one of my most popular YouTube tip / review clips. It describes a hack I discovered to create a remote control for the focus. This let's me stand in... [More]

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Just getting warmed up.

LARGE-15 The system itself seems quite stable, which is nice. I'm guessing I'll be able to roll out the new features as soon as I build a new server.

I want to be able to handle a lot of capacity, so I'm going to build a new server just to run Vovio sites. Even though this server is very fast, I'm mainly getting the new server specifically so that I can isolate Vovio sites from my main CouponPages and CouponMail servers.

The last thing I want to see is one of those sites going down because I didn't beta test this thing enough before I unleashed it to the world.

As a way of testing some of the features, I thought I'd embed one of my first YouTube videos here, which was simply a test of my microphone. There's no motive, just a test.

When I originally posted it, I didn't actually think... [More]

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Progress report ... Day 3, still works!


Vovio is 3 days old today!

I'm happy to report that it's been three days since launching the Vovio Network, and so far the big news is that there's no news to report. That's a good thing. Smile

This means the site, database and server are all working without any major glitches. This also means I can start to turn on some of the more complex features.

I've also been migrating some of the newer domains here, and until they are assigned permanent content editors and dedicated categories inside the database, they will all share this wonderful blog about the blog itself. Pure drivel, but it's a start.

Welcome to ... The Vovio Network

LARGE-12 This site has been configured as part of the new Vovio Network, but it's not quite ready for launch.

That's okay. There's plenty in store for you on your next visit.

You most likely have never heard of the Vovio Network, but that's because it's so new, we barely remember how to spell it ;)
LARGE-2 I'm Joe Crescenzi, founder of CouponPages.Com, one of the oldest and largest local coupon sites, and I want to introduce you to my newest creation... it's something just for fun and it's called Vovio.

Vovio is a network of fun sites that all share two things in common.

1. They are all for fun. Although we may recommend, review or even encourage you to buy things we like from time to time, that's not why I created it.

2. Although there will be a lot of different sites, they all let you interact, comment and share your thoughts with other members using a just one ID and password. There will even be a way to post without creating an account.